Claremore Expo Center

Claremore City

Many people who have been to Claremore Oklahoma have then marked it on the list of favorite cities. Situated in north east Oklahoma, this is the home of Claremore Expo Center, which you may have heard of, and also the county seat of Rogers County, Oklahoma. This part of Oklahoma is also known as Green County. Verdigris River is very nearby. It has a population of around 16 thousand people and it is part of the Tulsa Metropolitan area. This town is also the home of Rogers State University, which the most prestigious one in the area and also the only public four year university in the Tulsa Metropolitan Area. Some people may remember that Will Rogers , the entertainer was born here. The Claremore Expo Center was opened in 1999 and it has since been a favorite location for various concerts, exhibitions, truck events, motorcycle events and so on and so forth. Auctions, including cattle auctions are held here. Also, they sometimes host dog exhibitions.
The name of the town comes from French. The French settlers here interacted with the Native Americans and they pronounced his name just as the French for “Clear View Mountain”. The reason why the name is Claremore and not Claremont is because a clerk misspelled it and it remained in the incorrect form for a very long time. The area around Claremore was a little damaged after the Civil War but it soon developed very well and it recovered.

In the beginning of the 19th century The Indian Removal Act was passed and the territory on which the city lies became Indian Territory, land of the Cherokee Nation. When the railroads were built the Claremore area started to develop very fast.

Tourists usually like to visit many historic buildings and also the old business center of Claremore.