Claremore Expo Center

J. M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum

Everyone has heard of the Claremore Expo Center but not too many people know that another very special attraction of Claremore is the J. M. Davis Arms and Historical Museum. This museum is famous for its being the largest private gun collection in the world, but it also has a lot of other interesting things to offer. Most visitors are very pleasantly surprised and not only do they come back, they also tell their friends and families to go visit.

Not too many people know who J.M. Davis was: he is the founder of the collection. As a boy, he received his first gun at the age of seven, as a reward for taking his medicine. This is how his fascination for fire arms began and consequently he continued to collect guns all his life. By the the beginning of the ‘30s his collection counted already 99 guns. He decided a few years later to display all his guns on the walls of his very own hotel. He also had quite an impressive collection of knifes and swards, musical instruments, Native American artifacts and other items. Because his hotel was on Route 66 the word spread really fast and it became an attraction. Towards the end of his life, the owner transferred the property of his collection to his own Foundation and then the foundation symbolically sold it to the State of Oklahoma for 1 dollar. J. M. Davis is buried within the premises of the museum which means he still remains around his guns, from a certain perspective.
The museum is pretty spectacular: it exhibits saddles, spurs, musical instruments, World War I posters, , buttons from different Presidential campaigns and , of course the guns J.M. Davis loved so much, so it is well worth visiting when in the area.Tourists are always very impressed.