Claremore Expo Center

The Lake Park

The Claremore Lake Park was developed in 1929. It was about the same time the dam was completed there. Before 1929 there was just farm land in the surrounding area. Also dog Creek was running in the very close proximity. The park is located beside East blue Starr Drive, 1200 acres off of it. You just have to take North Lynn Riggs Boulevard on Highway 66 towards Blue star Drive. Then you go Easton Blue Starr Drive for around two miles or so and then you just turn left at the entrance besides the water treatment plant. You’ll get to a place that seems to be perfect for people who want to relax and their families.

There are several places where you can just have a wonderful picnic with your family, not to mention the grills that were built there for public use. Do not forget to leave the place the way you have found it: clean and tidy that is. Parks are part of the nature too, although they have different facilities built on them. Respect nature and you respect yourself. There’s also a system of multi-use trails, on which you can go running or walking and biking too. Respect the signs indicating the bike lanes and enjoy the ride. An off-road walking and biking trail is also really close to the Happy lake Park. There’s a soccer complex really close by too.

As far as your children are concerned they will be happy to find out that the playgrounds are really well equipped and in perfect condition. You are not allowed to set your pets free though. Adults may also be very much interested in duck hunting, boating and fishing. Children are only allowed on boats if they are accompanied by adults. Remember that for duck hunting you need to show your special permit and pay a fee.