Claremore Expo Center


The city of Claremore is situated in the so called Green Country, the northeastern part of the Oklahoma state. The name obviously comes from the fact that there is a lot of vegetation around these parts. The town lies very close to the Verdigris River. Because Claremore is on the Route 66, it had a good economic development in the 20th century. It may also help to know that Claremore is the Rogers county seat and that it is close enough to Collinsville, Owasso and Tulsa. It actually takes about 30 minutes to drive from Tulsa to Claremore and about an hour to drive here from Bartlesville. The Claremore Expo Center, which is one of the biggest touristic and business attractions of Claremore is located on 400 Veterans Pkwy, Claremore, OK 7. It is really easy to get to and anyone in the town can give directions, since it is such an important landmark.