Claremore Expo Center

Will Rogers Memorial

Claremore is not only famous for the Claremore Expo Center but also for the Will Rogers Memorial which was established and functions with the specific purpose of collecting, preserving and sharing information about the life, wisdom and humor of comedian and entertainer Will Rogers. Will Rogers was a famous comedian and social commentator, born in a prominent Cherokee Nation family and he became known as the favorite son of Oklahoma.

He did many movies and he was directed three times by John Ford. Also he had a newspaper column in the New York Times. In 1935 he tragically died in a plane crash. His popularity was huge during his life but he continued to be an emblematic figure of the American entertainment after his death too. He is still extremely popular in Oklahoma and all over the U.S.That is why people like to visit the memorial, take guided tours and get souvenirs .

The museum opened in 1938, three years after will Rogers passed away. The building is made of local quarried lime stone and it is situated on the hill top, facing the Tiawah Valley. The Rogers family tomb is not far away and there’s also a statue of Will Rogers riding a horse. The Will Rogers museum has the entire basement floor dedicated to children. You can also find lots of materials, books, photos and other items that tell the story of Rogers’ life.

In 2010 the Will Rogers days were celebrated in November. It is very likely to be the same in 2011, so you should call the Memorial and verify when you should make reservations.
The museum store sells and promotes Will Rogers items as souvenirs. You can get belt buckles, statues, art items, books about Will Rogers, CD’s and videos. They make perfect gifts and they will always remind you and your family of the lovely visit you made to Claremore , Oklahoma, to the Will Rogers Memorial House.